Large Chinese "Dream Stone" Marble Screen

Treasures East And West
[A detail from the screen]

中式雲石木雕屏風 Chinese-style Marble Screen framed in intricately carved wood. Circa late 19th century. Marble size is 34” x 21.25” and total size 52.5” x 25.5” x 14” (base width). CHINA.

The natural patterns on marble resemble sky, mountain with main peaks, clouds, a river and some close-up shapes in the colour range of white, different shades of grey and traces of yellow. The base and frame is carved with the birthday theme: the character longevity (壽) in the middle topped with a bat (蝠, pronunciation of bat is the same as 福 - blessing/good fortune). On both sides are the lucky animals of qilin/kirin (麒麟) with mountains and bamboos around. The carving style is symmetrical relief and the base and sides are also carved with beautiful patterns.

Screens are used for households as a way to separate space, providing privacy, for admiration or just as a piece of decoration. This screen is different from those desk/table top kinds in its majestic size. Marble screen also has a beautiful term in English – dreamstone (美夢石), probably because of the blurry dreamy patterns with infinite possibilities.

Treasures East And West

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