Chinese rare pottery figure of a standing youth, eastern Zhou Dynasty

罕見東周時期陶器人物.   Rare earthenware pottery figure of a standing youth, Zhou Dynasty.  

This figure is an exceptionally rare figure dating from the Warring States period, late 5th- early 4th Century BC. This figure is similar to the remarkable Bronze and Jade figure in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.
HEIGHT: 34cm

Archaeological evidence relates the figure to a group of images portraying attendant, animal trainers, and performing artists. Often such statues reveal facial features or dress styles native to the nomads active in China’s northern border regions such as the Xiongnu minority (Huns) of the Warring States period.

此類雕像通常展現中國北部邊境地區活動的游牧民的面部特徵或服裝風格,如戰國時期的匈奴族(匈奴人)  高:34厘米


PROVENANCE: Deaccessioned from a San Francisco Museum.

The photograph below is from the website of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  A considerable similarity.

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